Harvard University

Degree: AB/AM in Computer Science and Statistics

Computer Science

COMPSCI 50 Introduction to Computer Science I
COMPSCI 51 Introduction to Computer Science II
COMPSCI 61 Systems Programming and Machine Organization
COMPSCI 124 Datastructures and Algorithms
COMPSCI 121 Introduction to the Theory of Computation
COMPSCI 109 Data Science
COMPSCI 181 Machine Learning
COMPSCI 134 Networks
COMPSCI 152 Programming Languages
COMPSCI 262 Distributed Systems
MATH 21a Multivariable Calculus
MATH 21b Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
ENG-SCI 50 Introduction to Electrical Engineering


STAT 110 Introduction to Probability
STAT 111 Introduction to Theoretical Statistics
STAT 139 Statistical Sleuthing Through Linear Models
STAT 171 Stochastic Processes
STAT 221 Matched Sampling & Study Design


ECON 1010a1 Microeconomic Theory
FRESMR 26z What is Life?
GOV 1510 American Constitutional Law
ETH-REASON 18 Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory
EXPOS 20 Indian Philosophy and the Search for Self
RELIGION 110 Religion and International Politics
ENGLISH 115b The Canterbury Tales
SCRB 169 The History and Philosophy of Experimentation in Biology
GOV 1280 Government and Politics of China
SOC-WORLD 12 China
CNNR Creative Nonfiction
HUM52 Twelve Encounters in Human History
EAS195 Fighting Poverty in China

The Westminster Schools

Class of 2012
Atlanta, Georgia

Honor Council Prefect
Debate Team Captain
Student Diversity Leadership Council
Executive Council