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LiveRamp: Hackweek XXIX

My last week at LiveRamp also happened to be a hackweek. These weeks happen at the end of every 9-week development cycle, and the goal is to do something relevant to LiveRamp, but not your day-to-day work.

Some examples of things people have done:

  • Write a parser for LinkedIn to speed up recruiting
  • Create a scheduler (which you will use if you apply for any job position at LiveRamp)
  • Jack: Converts Ruby ActiveRecord Models into Java Models
  • Oh…and LIveRamp’s biggest product: Data-Onboarding


My final week at LiveRamp was a hackweek, which means I could work on a cool project! Woohoo!

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Liveramp: What I did.

I worked on several projects and op-dev issues/tickets during my summer. Here’s a rough breakdown of some of the stuff I did:

60%: Ruby on Rails / Backbone, front-end
20%: Java, backend (e.g. some automation things)
10%: Hadoop / Cascading, hackweek project
10%: Packer / Vagrant / Sys-admin things, hackweek project

LiveRamp believes that the best way to grow people is to give them work that actually needs to get done. As an intern, I go through all the trainings and do the same work as a new hire; the only difference is that new hires have the ability to deploy to production on day one (most people don’t use this immediately of course).

This philosophy hopes to challenge smart, hard-working people and to hold them accountable. LiveRamp’s philosophy has some positives and some negatives; here’s two possible alternatives and their implications:

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LiveRamp: What it do?

I worked for LiveRamp this summer in San Francisco and a lot of people have asked me what it does. While I know they’re working to resolve this problem, as of today, LiveRamp.com is sort of cryptic. It tosses around some words related to data and onboarding and partners and advertising, but it’s kind of unclear what they actually do.

In this post I will try to simplistically explain what LiveRamp does.

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